Your new marketing strategy that ACTUALLY converts

Whether you’re on social media to build awareness, or convert sales, you deserve a custom marketing strategy that speaks YOUR language and is sustainable for your business

About Me

Hey there, I’m Riinu! I’m your no BS Social Media Manager, multitasker, and a big fan of healthy and balanced life. 

I created My Social Corner so I can share my knowledge about the space of social media and help you to navigate this digital world without losing your mind. Ever tried to reach Facebook customer support? Don’t even get me started here.. 

But you’re not alone in this. I love every aspect of social media and I’m here to make your life a lot easier! 

Work with me

Social Media Management

Take your social media to the next level with comperhensive marketing strategy and implementation that works for you and your brand

Instagram Audit

Instagram Audit is like a health check for your Instagram account. I will review your profile and give you in depth feedback on how you can grow and improve. Audit report is followed by 60min 1:1 coaching call where we go over the results.

Social Media Strategy

Are you doing OK creating and posting content but are feeling lost on the direction you are going? Social Media strategy will help you to define your audience and set clear purpose for your social media.

1:1 Coaching call

Feel like you need some inspiration and guidance on your social media journey? Book a call with me where I will briefly go over your social media channels and give you actionable advice on the steps you can take.

Why you need a badass social media manager in your corner?

You should focus on your business

Unless your business is social media management, you should be allocating your time on building your company instead of researching the latest TikTok trends


Your Social Media manager does not only ensure your posts are posted on a consistent schedule, She also ensures your brand image stays consistent throughout various platforms.

You are actually saving $$

Think about all the time you would be spending on posting, engagement, research, analytics, and research. And not to mention random ads. Your Social Media Manager is there to save and MAKE money for you.

Ready to make a move?

I know that allocating extra cost for a new role is not something that is decided lightly. Why don’t you and I get on a phone and see if we are even a good fit for each other. That way you’ll learn more about my workflow and can decide yourself if that’s something for you. No strings attached, I promise I won’t start spamming you with endless phone calls if you say no!